Looking for a new (preowned OK) line stage under $5K: suggestions?

Considering upgrading my near vintage Classe Audio DR5 preamp, which I use as a line stage, for the following system:


Feickert Volare TT/Audimods 6 arm/Hanna ML cartridge, EAT Petit phono stage, Naim CD 5 disc player, Pass XA 25 amp, Joseph Audio Pulsar 2 Graphene speakers/Sound Anchor stands, Synergistic Research Foundation full loom.


Basically, looking to maximize dynamics as well as a touch more midrange bloom and dimensionality.  Slightly to warm side of neutral preferred over lean.


I'm thinking a tubed unit would work best, but I'd consider SS if it fits.


Also considering warmer cables, planning on swapping Xavfino's (Fusion) for the Synergistic's as a trial.


The basic issue is that the room is somewhat too "live" sounding, and my wife won't approve of room treatments (it's also a family room).


The system otherwise sounds great, and maybe within the described constraints, there's not much I can do effectively.


Input appreciated!


You can get these with any art you want covering the panels and they are only 2’ X 2’ and said to be very effective

I paid $2000 for a mint condition Audible Illusions M3B, which was one of the best purchases I've made in audio. L3B (similar to M3B but with a remote and without phono) is also worthwhile to consider.

With my Pass XA25 I eventually added the Pass XP12 preamp, and it’s the best match I’ve found, especially since you are seeking a touch of midrange bloom.  Along with a couple of different Audio Research preamps, by far the best I’ve used. Problems with Pass would be new price is above your target, $5900 I think. And also there likely will be a wait to get it. 

in any case, have fun!