Looking for a new speaker. Wilson Maxx II ??

OK I don't want to start a flame war. I know you either love Wilson speakers or you hate them. I'm in the market for a pair of speakers. I have a dedicated room that is 19W x 25L x 10H. I'm looking for a pair of speakers I can keep for a bit so I am going to lay out some hard earned cash. With this being said I have listened to a pair of Wilson Maxx II a couple of times and they are quite nice. I feel I need to compare them to other speakers in the same category. Any suggestions on speakers I should listen too before making my decision?

Thanks for your time.
Quite a few offerings, even at mega$ levels...:) The ones I liked (I listen to classical) were Soundlab (stators) with subs, Genesis 2 & 3 series, the big Avalons (with subs), the big Dali (albertporter has these), a pair of modified ATC 150 (?) actives, and the A-Physic Kronus.

Finally, in a different price category but outstanding sound: you might search out Linkwitzlabs Orions (dipole, active) or Beolab 15 (OK, I know this ain't a trendy hi-end brand...)

Reputedly, the Rockports and the Pass speakers are also excellent (the Pass are active, so no problem driving these).

The point is, all of the above EXCEPT the Genesis & the A-Physic were rather difficult to drive...

Of course, more info on what you like/look for in a musical reproduction would be useful!
Von Schweikert VR-7's should be considered. Excellent sonics and equal build quality to the Wilson with much longer warranty...ten years, I think.
EgglestonWorks Savoy's. Each speaker has four 12" Dynaudio woofers, four 6" Morel for midbass/mid section and the incredible T330D Dynaudio tweeter. Dynamics, transparency and musicality in spades... Try to listen them before to get something else.

Since there are so many choices I like to consider the looks too.
The Sonus Faber Stradavari would be on my list.