Looking for a new speaker. Wilson Maxx II ??

OK I don't want to start a flame war. I know you either love Wilson speakers or you hate them. I'm in the market for a pair of speakers. I have a dedicated room that is 19W x 25L x 10H. I'm looking for a pair of speakers I can keep for a bit so I am going to lay out some hard earned cash. With this being said I have listened to a pair of Wilson Maxx II a couple of times and they are quite nice. I feel I need to compare them to other speakers in the same category. Any suggestions on speakers I should listen too before making my decision?

Thanks for your time.
I've heard the VR9 SE's and they are absolutely incredible. Until I can afford them, I'm using Dynaudio Evidence Temptations, which are also unbelievable. Having said that, you need good associated equipment, and especially , a good room. I've just moved into a dedicated room, and even without the full acoustic traetment (one wall's worth of panels are on order), the improvement in sound, with exactly the same equipment, is amazing.

David Shapiro
Deshapiro - Yes, of course the speakers interaction with the room is the biggest concert/potential bottleneck in every music system.

Orangej4 - Congratuations on the MAXXes. What other equipment are you using with them? Can you compare and contrast your experience with the MAXX relative to some of the other well-respected designs you've had the pleasure of owning?

Deshapiro, in my opinion you had the best of all big system, if I well remember: the Avalon Osiris...
In alternative, I do recommend again to look at big Egglestons (Savoy's). Best, luca.
The Maxx II compared to Revel Salon,MaxxII is a complete sound, not detached between crossover freq. Compared to Maggie 20, equal is mid resolutin and bass to boot. Krell LAT-1 with Master Ref Sub, Maxx II beats these in all area even bass and bass tonality. Comparedd to watt pupy 5.1- 6.0, 7.0- Maxx II is bigger and Deeper bass and floor to ceiling wall to wall not just between the speakers. I have not had the Von scheiket in my room but if I had to switch speakers I would buy the vr9's.
If you want to be happy long term with your purchase, i'd recommend listening to a good first order design that will keep the original musical waveform intact. After all, we listen to music to hear the instruments and voices as they were recorded, not to hear 180 to 360 degree's of added phase shift. If you can, listen to some of Green Mountain Audio's offerings. Remarkable speakers that are also time and phase coherant.