Looking for a new turntable and cart 2-3K

I'm looking to buy a turntable & cart. I have a Graham Slee Era Gold Mk V going into a Simaudio i1 to a pair of DIY Zaph Audio ZRT, which are ported 2 way floorstanders using ScanSpeak Revelator drivers.

I currently have an old Denon Dp-45 with an Ortofon 2m Red.

I'm looking to spend between 2-3K. What would you recommend in that price range that would mate well with the Graham Slee and Simaudio.
I should probably add I mostly listen to rock both new and old and throw in some jazz every now and then.
Agree with Winoguy. The "trick" IMO is to have the CMB and the wood body cartridge. More musical than the "old Clearaudio house sound". Also, consider direct wired with no break from cartridge pins to phono stage.
Good Luck.