Looking for a new turntable and cart 2-3K

I'm looking to buy a turntable & cart. I have a Graham Slee Era Gold Mk V going into a Simaudio i1 to a pair of DIY Zaph Audio ZRT, which are ported 2 way floorstanders using ScanSpeak Revelator drivers.

I currently have an old Denon Dp-45 with an Ortofon 2m Red.

I'm looking to spend between 2-3K. What would you recommend in that price range that would mate well with the Graham Slee and Simaudio.
A new Well-Tempered Amadeus goes for about $2750 and completely outperforms a Rega P9 IMHO. So if you are willing to stretch your budget just a little you could get the Amadeus and Dynavector's entry level MC cartridge (~$450) and wind up with an incredibly musical vinyl front end.
Hollywood Sound in Hollywood, Florida is a WT dealer. The owner, Larry, is a great guy and very knowledgeable. He's also a member here (hwdsound). You can look him up here or Google for his Web site.

Don Better Audio in Cleveland, Ohio carries many TT lines - Well-Tempered, Rega, Nottingham, Ayre DPS, Spiral Groove, SME, and Shindo Garrard.