Looking for a ‘’No braine’r Integrated amplifier under 7500 or so

hello all!

I’m looking for ideas on a ‘slam dunk’ flexible high value solidly performing INTEGRATED amp for an office system, but one that for a while can be my ‘go to’ or primary unit and is a bit above entry level.

preference is to buy new, but preowned in the right scenario works for me as well.

Pesently I’m starting all over in amassing gear and felt to initiate the project by wading into the water slowly.

I have on hannd remnants of my former   efforts in a then very good line stage preamp and DAC, though the DA age is showing and well behind current popular trends  and support for new formats.

also on hand are some ‘so so’ amps, and several pairs of speakers and I just added a Blue Sound Noede 2I.

ultimately I see nearly everything being replaced but felt starting with a very nice Integrated seems as good a starting point as any.

topology is as such, not too too imoportant. decent power however is key as speakers being paired here are as yet unknown. likelyhood here is a pair of monitors and a sub.

the music playback will likely be streaming from providers and NAS files.

Aesthewtix Mimas has peaked my interest currently. and having owned bAT their INT is interesting too. apart from these two I’m wide open to suggestions on current one box amp solutions..

glass or sand power here makes little difference apart from thereafter mating speakers to the INT power constraints..

your thoughts, and expieriences here are vastly appreciated. THX
Hey if you have ls 50 metas and a sub, you are good to go for most normal and safe SPLs at least up to 90db or so.

I use the 500w/ch BEl Canto monoblocks with mine, but I do not feel need to go super loud, seldom above 90db, and the Bel Cantos never come anywhere close to breaking a sweat, which is a good thing. ls50s are great but still small and only will go so far loud and clear. But, I do not use an active crossover. ls50s are working full range even with the sub. Add that and let the sub do more work and that (offloading some bass off the ls50s) should take things a good bit even further off any decent number of watts.

With ls50s, you do always need an amp with a lot of juice/current delivery no matter what wattage to drive them to their max in regard to tonal balance, accuracy, detail and all the other usual good things that go along with those.

thus far I am certainly overwhellmed with the feedback sports fans! thank you all.

my eyes have been opened to possibilities I would never have concieved otherwise.

I’m going to read up on the items I’ve no EXP with which are listed here, and reconsider my previous notions on some of those proposed solutions I did not feel buttered my bread at first listen.

I’ve enough EXP to know synergy is key in the amp + spkrs union. with that in mind, monitors are the prefference as I mentioned earlier to be the choice maybe even mini monitors if i go with a nearfield setup.

we’ll see. .

likely the deal maker IMO apart from the feature set and cost will be support.

if a thing has none its not gonna land here unless its something like a cable. I believe makers should be easy to contact and support should yield timely solutions for end users as after the sale service/support is its own statement of & for the product, its designer, build, andat times its performance.

Going forward, the ease of accessibility for upgrades and or support means
a great deal at least to this audio nut.
Is that Node not an entry level streamer? If it is, I would spend some of that $7500 on a better streamer. 2k more on a quality streamer, Lumin comes to mind, there are several others, will be a much bigger improvement than the 2k more you would spend on the amp. 

I did for me.