Looking for a ‘’No braine’r Integrated amplifier under 7500 or so

hello all!

I’m looking for ideas on a ‘slam dunk’ flexible high value solidly performing INTEGRATED amp for an office system, but one that for a while can be my ‘go to’ or primary unit and is a bit above entry level.

preference is to buy new, but preowned in the right scenario works for me as well.

Pesently I’m starting all over in amassing gear and felt to initiate the project by wading into the water slowly.

I have on hannd remnants of my former   efforts in a then very good line stage preamp and DAC, though the DA age is showing and well behind current popular trends  and support for new formats.

also on hand are some ‘so so’ amps, and several pairs of speakers and I just added a Blue Sound Noede 2I.

ultimately I see nearly everything being replaced but felt starting with a very nice Integrated seems as good a starting point as any.

topology is as such, not too too imoportant. decent power however is key as speakers being paired here are as yet unknown. likelyhood here is a pair of monitors and a sub.

the music playback will likely be streaming from providers and NAS files.

Aesthewtix Mimas has peaked my interest currently. and having owned bAT their INT is interesting too. apart from these two I’m wide open to suggestions on current one box amp solutions..

glass or sand power here makes little difference apart from thereafter mating speakers to the INT power constraints..

your thoughts, and expieriences here are vastly appreciated. THX

I also do like the Linear Tube Audio integrated amps on the tube side but your speaker choices will be more limited there.

if any tube INT is to be the choice it MUST be auto biased.

as 80% of the music we expereince is made in the first 20wpc, and this effort is targeted at a mid to small size room, I’m sure mating most any INT with most any speaker will work OK.

optimum results here will likely be either a matter of buy try and sell, or do the audiogon shuffle, or become flexible or easy to please otherwise with what ever combo is chosen.

all of the speakers I’ve in mind, or currently own would or should work OK with any decent 30wpc amp.

INTs I’m considering punch out power beyond 30wpc.

speakers I’m more interested in are mostly 2 or 2.5 way w/87db Eff, or higher, and usually spec’d at 8oms.

stand mounted and FS.

keeping strickly to my current plan , is the main problem.

for all intents and purposes I can buy within a bit of sanity, ANYTHING!.

anything that is, of course, I can justify. there won’t be a Vitas 30, or a VAC signature taking up space here. that is a given. I’ve heard both and both are very nice, but that entry fee vs sonic results is an unjustifiable endeavor IMHO.

hence my constirnation revolves around this notion: well, if I’m gonna spend XXXX for ABC, why not spend XXXXX for XYZ instead and then use it in the primary rig later on when I’ve relocated?

Then toooo there is this dog other barking at the aforementioned plan, just get yourself a more up to date amp, dA, and …spkrs while using your present line stage and cabling.
or buy one of the ‘turn key’ rigs your heard lately which boast an INT and speakers or separates and speakers that run about $7K w/o DA, and $10K with a Bryston or Benchmark du jour DA?

and that sports fans is my dilemma in a bit more than a nut shell.

thinking back on this thread perhaps I should have asked for ’turn key’ slam dunk INTs and Spkrs suggestion suitable for office/2nd room streaming and file playfack instead.


Myself, I find many flavors I like very much each with +s and -s so that heavily influences how I think about these things.

me too.

I know you have several speakers.

yes. all are vintage. some entry level as with the Canton bookshelf; Silverline SR 15; Phase tech PC 10.5 & PC 6.5 Std Mt.

sorry, no KEF… merely an interest in them.

thanks much for the link though. really.

why not KISS. Toss out (sell) all the other stuff.

did I mention ‘hoarding’ is my second hobby? lol
Look at Lyngdorf. You don't even need an external DAC with their integrated amps so simplicity and a big money savings. Very flexible. Even has an HT Pass-Through mode. If you get the 1120 it has all the connectivity you would likely need. I have the 2170 and absolutely love it's "Wire with Gain" personality. Tested against some expensive Tube and SS amps and it won. If you like tube distortion, it may not be for you though. But even analog from my Feikert turntable is extremely impressive. Not a compromise between digital and analog streams at all IMHO.
I really liked a Bryston integrated (with a dac) when I heard it at a dealer. I think it was a B135 cubed. A bit above your price range but maybe you can find one used. They often have 20 years of warranty. 
Or think of the price as for a dac and an amp.
Figure out speakers first. Then maybe you can get a better deal if you go the new route through a local dealer.

If you can find one, Plinius makes great amps. They've had a thinning out of dealers in the US. Their integrated start at under your price range. I have an older integrated and they are built solid and sound great. Solid state, so no fuss. Can easily be your end game amp. Simple and direct.