Looking for a non-powered sub

...that will work with Magnepan 1.6`s. 2 ch music only, no HT, any suggestions?
P.S. -- Also see the "Panels and subwoofers don't mix" thread for a lively relevant discussion.

Dipole sub does not mean "more" bass, and therefore it is not an overkill. However, a pair of dipole subs, which is what I have, may be an overkill for a small room. BTW, 14 by 18 is a not really small.

Personally, I prefer Stereo subs, if at all, even though my big Apogees generate enough bass without even a single sub in my 16 by 26 room.

Good luck.
I currently use a Canton passive sub for my centre channel. It's push-pull thing that sounds wonderful. Beutifully built inside with its own crossover.