Looking for a Phono pre around 1K

Hey all,
My system,
VPI hw-19 mkIII, premier mmt arm, Ortofon bronze 2m, Yaqin 100b KT-88 push pull, Focal 1008be2
I've had :
Cambridge audio 640p that I modded (power supply, opamp sockets, ) 
Sound: ok , not much soundstage or detail
Yaqin ms23b tube. 
Sound; more soundstage, better delineation of vocals and room ambience, still sounds a bit muffled/recessed.

I know those are on the inexpensive side, but after upgrading my speakers to the Focals. I'm hearing hints of things in the recordings that, I'm positive, with a better phono pre could be more fleshed out.

I listen to mainly rock/pop (Bowie, Stones, Steely Dan, Pink Floyd, Carly Simon, jazz)

If I could stay under 1K that would be great.

I'd like more definition, without losing the sweetness of tubes, I know I don't have any tube stages on there but…
I'd like the ability to use a MC cart as well 9I have a Denon 160)
My list so far:
Musical Fidelity - MX-VYNL Mm/Mc
Sutherland - Insight Phono Preamplifier
Musical Surroundings - Nova II
PS Audio Phono Converter (would be great to rip the records)

Any Suggestions are greatly appreciated.

I own the Musical Surroundings Nova Phonoema I (1200new/500 used). I also have heard and compared directly with the Sutherland PHD (3k new/used 1500).

Honestly the MS stood up pretty well to the more expensive Sutherland. The MS is much more neutral and balanced throughout. It had more of a tight snappy bass.

Sutherland was warmer and had a more round bass that sounds a little slower. It did seem to bring voices slightly out of the mix more so than the MS. It might of had a tiny bit more detail.

I am not sure why darkstar1 found the Sutherland Ph3D's sound the way he described it. Could be several reasons but in any event I have spent considerable time with that Sutherland piece and always found it to be quite revealing, very fast and accurate.  I just sold my unit several months ago for $600 on A/G.  It was configured as an AC unit with the hardware to convert it to battery power.  The only reason that I parted with it was that I acquired the Sutherland N1 Preamplifier, a complete phono/line stage device of exceptional build and sonic quality.
I suppose any choice will be dependent on your personal preferences and associated equipment.  +1 for Sutherland

Pas 3 design is cleanest ever in audio . I heard a home-built PAS 3 with the best mod boards available , best connectors, silver wiring, all encased in a
lovely aluminum case with only volume and source knobs .
Cleanest , most natural sound I ever heard , not a trace of "hi fi" .
Tubes were Sylvania 12AX7 grey plates pulled from a Baldwin organ
and Sylvania 12x4 rectifer.
With Pas every time you switch 12Ax7’s you have a new preamp .
Jolida Jd9.
absolutely superb. Use a MC cartridge. Preamp TRL The Dude, Sota V TT, OL Illustrious arm and it doesn't embarrass itself in this vaunted company.
replaces an EAR phono,preamp and I don't hear a deficit!

Try the Jolida. 
The Dynavector P-75 MKIII would be in your price range. Used it w/bothe the Dynavector 10x5 and 20xl2 w/excellent results.
I've used the phenomena II for several years and can't be beat in terms of functionality. Sound is very good too. I prefer the eastern electric minimax I have now however. That's not a knock on the phenomena, there is significant price difference and the minimax is a tube pre. Though new it is $1500, they can be had for less. It's a wonderful phono pre but not as functional in terms of loading adjustments. I am using a clearaudio concept MC cart without issue