Looking for a Phono pre around 1K

Hey all,
My system,
VPI hw-19 mkIII, premier mmt arm, Ortofon bronze 2m, Yaqin 100b KT-88 push pull, Focal 1008be2
I've had :
Cambridge audio 640p that I modded (power supply, opamp sockets, ) 
Sound: ok , not much soundstage or detail
Yaqin ms23b tube. 
Sound; more soundstage, better delineation of vocals and room ambience, still sounds a bit muffled/recessed.

I know those are on the inexpensive side, but after upgrading my speakers to the Focals. I'm hearing hints of things in the recordings that, I'm positive, with a better phono pre could be more fleshed out.

I listen to mainly rock/pop (Bowie, Stones, Steely Dan, Pink Floyd, Carly Simon, jazz)

If I could stay under 1K that would be great.

I'd like more definition, without losing the sweetness of tubes, I know I don't have any tube stages on there but…
I'd like the ability to use a MC cart as well 9I have a Denon 160)
My list so far:
Musical Fidelity - MX-VYNL Mm/Mc
Sutherland - Insight Phono Preamplifier
Musical Surroundings - Nova II
PS Audio Phono Converter (would be great to rip the records)

Any Suggestions are greatly appreciated.


I might have the sutherland model wrong. It was a 3k retail unit. I agree it is revealing/detailed. In fact I thought it has a small bit over the detail of the Musical Surrounding phono. I also do think the sutherland is warmer than than the MS. 

It was not a knock. I think the sutherland has a more traditional tube "sound" while the MS has more of a good SS presentation. I do think the Sutherland did have some qualities that exceed the MS but I do see the diminished returns starting to come into play. 
Well , I've put the Lehmann black cube se2 into service. 
detail, soundstage, transients, bass.
It's all there in spades!

Too busy listening to it to do an A/B with my other preamps.
I'll get to that later this weekend. 

I admit that I goofed when making my remarks.  You were using the Sutherland Insight Phono Preamp and I the Ph3D.  They have a great deal in common but probably not exactly the same in terms of sonics.  My apology.
Sutherland Insight is a great option.  You might be able to find one used for around 1k.  It doesn't run on D cell batteries, which is a nice convenience.  

Ron has a new KC Vibe phono out for $895, which might sound almost as great as the Insight.  Here is the link:

Made in Kansas...cannot go wrong there. 

Check out Blue Circle Audio phono stages. The designer (and owner), Gilbert Yeung, is big on tubes EXCEPT in phono stages.

Here’s one for $1,295, which is close to your budget: http://www.canuckaudiomart.com/details/649341370-blue-circle-audio-flt-iab-phono-stage/

This one comes with a separate power supply.

These don’t come up on the used market very often.