Looking for a phono stage to go with my system

I have a VPI Aries Scout with an Ortofon 2m Bronze mm. running through an Onkyo TX NR905 Receiver's phono input. (70mv (mm,1khz., 0.5%)

I understand that an independent Phono Stage will do wonders for the quality of sound coming from the VPI.

Looking to spend no more than $500ish.

Jasmine LP 2.0. Handles MM and MC cartridges and you won't have the itch to upgrade or the disappointment of having spent too much money.
Try the AMR IPhono which costs about $400.00 new. Probably one of the big on line retailers sells it. You can Try it and return it if you aren't happy. Extremely great sound, ridiculous amounts of adjustability at this price, and it sounds good too. Solid State and small.
Are you running the receiver as your amp and pre? If so I would wait and save for a good integrated with good phono.