Looking for a pre-amp (Pass, ARC, BAT, Sim, PS Audio)


I would like some recommendations regarding what preamp to try in my system where I currently have a PS Audio DSD, Pass x250.8 and a pair of Focal Diva Utopias with all synergistic research interconnects. Just sold a PS Audio BHK preamp which was pretty nice, but would like something a bit faster without compromising the stage of the BHK. By-the-way, it was noticeably better having the BHK in the system then not having the preamp at all.

I am considering the ARC 5, 5SE, LS28, or the BAT VK42SE, 52SE, 33SE, or the Simadio P7, P8 Or Pass XP20, 22 next. I don’t see my-self zeroing in on any other brand/models right now.  I listen all all kind of music on Vinyl, CDs and stream Tidal.

Would you mind sharing your personal experiences with any of the above preamps (especially to contrast and compare these models/brands together). Would really appreciate any advise on which of the above preamps to go for. Thank you!
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Hi @llkmi  
Looks like you have an excellent dilemma!  These are all wonderful instruments.  I have not heard the XP20 in my system so I can not comment but I very much enjoyed the XP22 when I had it :).  Important to use XLR connections though.  Please feel free to pm me direct if you have any questions.   

i guess you're saying you got rid of the XP22? If so, what did you replace it with?
@llkmi Simaudio Moon P8. Slightly warmer but it edged out. It was very hard to compare..the XP22 was excellent, airy, detailed, full of magical fidelity. The Moon just started whispering to the ear however . It was an unbelievable effect in the room that I could not recreate with any other preamp. Then, once I settled on the P8, I actually got a 850P on loan for a few days to see where this is going to go. It was also incredible in my new set up (i changed some other stuff around). The 850P was ’possibly’ even a tad more detailed....but I did not regret giving the 850p back (yes, mostly because of price). Bottom line, if you can get your hands on a P8 for fair price in decent condition, then IMHO don’t hesitate.
@jmarshak, I did mention the SimAudio preamp (740P in my case) mated with the 250.8 was pretty special :)   I'm still enjoying the two very much.  I wonder how the two chassis P8 compares to the newer single box 740P?