Looking for a pre-amp (Pass, ARC, BAT, Sim, PS Audio)


I would like some recommendations regarding what preamp to try in my system where I currently have a PS Audio DSD, Pass x250.8 and a pair of Focal Diva Utopias with all synergistic research interconnects. Just sold a PS Audio BHK preamp which was pretty nice, but would like something a bit faster without compromising the stage of the BHK. By-the-way, it was noticeably better having the BHK in the system then not having the preamp at all.

I am considering the ARC 5, 5SE, LS28, or the BAT VK42SE, 52SE, 33SE, or the Simadio P7, P8 Or Pass XP20, 22 next. I don’t see my-self zeroing in on any other brand/models right now.  I listen all all kind of music on Vinyl, CDs and stream Tidal.

Would you mind sharing your personal experiences with any of the above preamps (especially to contrast and compare these models/brands together). Would really appreciate any advise on which of the above preamps to go for. Thank you!
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@zprr, what Sim DAC and amplifier do you have?

Since I have a Sim DAC (380DSD) and Pre (740P), I've always been curious how the 860 amplifier would compare to my Pass 250.8 and if the synergy from having all SimAudio components would make a difference.  As I've mentioned though, I'm very happy with my current Pre+Amp pairing, even if they are from different brands...

Hi @ddafoe,
I use the 780D v2 dac and the 870a amp.
Had the 740p the last 3 years. I imagine the 740p pairs really well with the Pass, that said, if you have the opportunity I strongly would recommend demo’ing the 860a v2....would really like to get your thoughts