Looking for a pre/processor


I currently have a two channel front comprised of a Benchmark USB DAC and Bel Canto Pre. These components feed a pair of active Linkwitz speakers. I recently purchased an Oppo bluray player and a Hidef LEd TV. I would like to simplify my front end and get a processor to replace the Benchmark and Bel Canto.
My wish list for the processor is:
Quality DAC to replace the Benchmark
Solid pre for running two channel. I plan on staying strictly two channel for no
HDMI input and output for the Oppo and LED TV
USB input for my mac mini but can have SPDIF or Optical

What are my choices?

$2k used, maybe twenty five hundred at push. Forgot to mention that the amp is an ATI 6012
If all you want is a two channel system with USB and several analog ins, you could simply upgrade to the Benchmark HDR which has a solid preamp built in and would cover you for all your inputs, is two channel and you already like the DAC sound.
Tough. The Marantz AV7005 (and supposedly the AV8003) might do.

Do you have any need for analog inputs in the pre? If you do, the stakes really go up and I would be hard-pressed to recommend much in that price range that also had HDMI in/outs.