Looking for a preamp used under 5k

Hello, I'm new to this hobby.  I'm looking for a preamp to pair with my BAT REX amp.  I have a Dynaudio Contour 5.4s, Oppo Sonica,  Mostly stream from Tidal listening to vocal.  I do have a Oppo 205, which I can use as a preamp, but not sure if I should keep it or sell it to get an preamp.  Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.
Thank you for all the inputs.  I do you to get the Bat Rex but a little too much money right now.  I do have the Sonica that has been modded by Ric at EVS.  Since I only have a few CDs, I am going to sell the 205 to fund the preamp.  

Like I said, there pretty much is no reason to get anything more expensive than the Bryston.

You are one of the very few whom own a B.A.T. REX.  I look forward in reading more about your pre-amp purchase.  Happy Listening!
2 fantastic products that we carry at Sunny's that offer amazing performance under 5K. Roon and Tidal Ready.
Bryston Pre-Amplifier has the ability to ad Phono and a great DAC Module.
Jeff Rowland Capri Version 2 also has the same abilities.