Looking for a preamp with XLR connections

Looking for a reference preamp with XLR inputs and outputs. Looking to spend less than 10k, no tubes. Any suggestion? Thought about the schitt Freya+, but audio science review just review it, and the measurements were aweful. 
Thank you for your recommendations. 



I would go with the Ayre KX-5 preamp. You are right at your limit in price. It has everything you need. Fully differential balance in and out. The volume is a variable gain stage not an attenuated pot. The dealers will let you take it home to let you try it with your gear. It also has two XLR and one RCA outputs to give you options for bi/ Tri wiring or adding subs like I did. It even has a balanced non-variable tape out for recording or sending to a nice headphone amp. 

Cary SLP-05.  Get it direct from them with the upgrade. Yes, it has tubes. Not problematic, you'll love it.

A few comments


1 XLR is not the same as inherently balanced. While XLR means a balanced interconnect far too many achieve it with an extra (meaning more noise, distortion) stage to convert an otherwise unbalanced circuit to balanced. Don't be fooled.

2. If you think ASR specs are the end all, we have little more to discuss. And this is from an EE who's been CTO of some large tech firms.  Music is not so simple.....

3. Why is XLR/balanced so important to you? Its real benefit is noise immunity.  I seriousyl doubt you have that issue in your home.




Tubes are like an obsession with many. OP says no tubes. I tried tubed preamps, BHK and Prima Luna. Best thing I did was going back to solid state. One less thing to fuss around with and not missing anything. Of course getting your room right has everything to do with it.