Looking for a preamp with XLR connections

Looking for a reference preamp with XLR inputs and outputs. Looking to spend less than 10k, no tubes. Any suggestion? Thought about the schitt Freya+, but audio science review just review it, and the measurements were aweful. 
Thank you for your recommendations. 


Hi agolde1110,...   Have a look on USA Audio Mart..at the  Merrill Audio Christine Pre....all xlr ins and outs..a true reference pre...not talked about much..but really a fine ref pre...check it out...!!!

Balanced Audio Technology - BAT preamps are truly balanced and very good. Made in the USA. I have a BAT VK-42se which I got used and it is primo. 

If you totally satisfied with your source signal quality, passive preamp could give you amazing results. Something like Bespoke Audio Company Reference. 

I had a Schitt Freya and I thought it was noisy in the sense of distortion. I have since moved on and up to Allnic.  I started with the L-3000 then moved up to a L-7000 with constant impedance attenuator and recently sold that for a L-8000 and have no reason to want more.

Allnic Pre-amps are uber quiet and often described as holographic.  They have excellent low end resolution and presence.  My L-8000 has gobs of timber and detail in the low end.  I have 2 REL subs in my system.  Their accuracy detail and speed lean much more towards SS than tube sound but they are so relaxed sounding.  I think the best of both worlds.

FWIW, check the input sensitivity of your amp before buying a pre.  Make sure they are not both high gain.  I had an issue with the Allnic and my Pass amps.  I was able to use 2 sets of low gain output tubes to remedy this.

That BAT VK-42se was a fav or mine. It is very warm, but at the time I had it, I need a very warm preamp. A SS fully balanced preamp.