Looking for a small bedroom amp

I'm looking for a small stereo amplifier for use in a bedroom system. Hoping the many eyes and ears of A'gon folks can point me in the right direction! Here are my requirements:

1. It must be physically small. Full 17" component width is too large.
2. It must not be an integrated amp. I have a pre-amp and intend to use it.
3. It doesn't need to be powerful - 9 wpc minimum. Tube or SS is fine.
4. It must be made in US, Canada, or Europe.
5. It must cost less than $1200 brand new.

The Parasound Zamp v3 and the Stello S100 both meet all my requirements except for number 4. Link to info if you're not familiar with those two models:


Thank you for your inputs!!
i don't remember. it will have a clear cover to it. it sounded fantastic. i'm thinking about purchasing 1 when it comes out. i wrote jolida and they said feb. the decco also sounded very good. its between those 2. a little bit more $$$ and the primaluna integrated is very nice.
I still love my Bel Canto monoblocks and the stereo version is the S300 at $1300, less through Underwood HiFi (Wally). Runs cool, made in the US, beautifully manufactured, very efficient, uses little electricity, (you can leave it on all the time if you like), has a small footprint, warm tube-like sound. Good luck!