Looking for a smooth sounding 6922 variant

Hi folks.  I am currently auditioning some cables and am starting to suspect that a bit of higher-frequency harshness (fatigue, just a bit) might be due to something else in my system.  Could be anything, including the cables I'm auditioning.  I wanted to eliminate other causes, and so I'm looking for a pair of 6922' variants to put in my VAC Signature IIse to smooth out the higher frequencies a bit.  I think I've got telefunkens in there now.  Can I get some recommendations?  Perhaps Mullard makes a nice 6922.  Please answer with direct knowledge/experience.  Thanks.


For new production tubes I've found the Genelex Gold Lions among the best.Stick with a Platinum matched pair,which are super closely matched,include 48 hour burn in & at least $200.00 a pair cheaper than Mullard NOS..Try vacuumtubevaluesdotcom...

Give Brent Jessee a call and talk it over with him. He’ll find the right tubes for you. He has much more experience finding the right tubes than the average Audiogoner..

All the great tube sellers are on vacation this week, believe it or not. A perfect storm! So I probably need an alternative source.