Looking for a Solidly good inexpensive DAC

this notion likely gets beaten to death, BUT

I'm thinking about a DAC for use with some mid fi components, and my PC so as to incorporate some greater ease and variety.

Because my system is all holow state, I am also figuring it needs to be SS. Yes? No?

A good sounding overachiever that won't break the bank will likely do fine. something in the $300 - $600 range. Give or take a bit... no pun intended.

Any experience or thoughts or any slam dunk DAC ideas would be appreciated tremendously.


Look here,there have been a few in the last couple days so low priced, who can complain ? Like a couple krells, CJ's, AR's and so on all in your price range. At the prices they were sellin for you gotta be quick on the draw, I see they are almost all sold in like the same day they were posted.
Audiosector NOS USB Dac or a Promitheus Dac can both be had for under $400 new. Contact Peter Daniels for more info on the Audio Sector, he will build you one. His commercial version of this Dac sells for $1300. It is the same Dac internally just without the fancy metal chassis for 1/3 of the price.
Jim you might want to try a Scott Nixon dac. I hear good things about it. A guy on here said he heard both the SN dac and Paradisea and like the SN dac better. I didn't listen to him and bought the Paradisea. I was disappointed with it. Not saying it is bad but just was not my cup of tea.