Looking for a Speaker Recommnedation

Looking to upgrade from my current Rogers LS3/5a + AB1 REL 328 setup .  While I love the smooth mids of these speakers (especially on voices/acoustic instruments), I tend to play harder music more frequently (alt/rock/punk/etc) which these do not excel at. I like to play music loud and have a real world living room my system is in (cathedral ceiling, open on one side, many windows. couch between my speakers) so setup is a challenge. I hate harsh sounding speakers.

My current playback system consists of a Oppo-BDP105 (or primarily Roon/JRiver via Ethernet) into a PS Audio DirectStream Jr DAC > Conrad Johnson Premier 14 Tube Pre > Conrad Johnson MF2500a Amp.  All run by a PS Audio P5 with a combination of Nordost/Shunyata cabling.

Looking to spend around $4,000-$7,000 but could be flexible. Used or new is fine.

Currently considering:

PSB Imagine T3
Vandersteen Trio CT
Spendor D7
Mangepan 3.7i (don't think this will work with high SPL)
Endeavor Audio E-3
Revel F208
Golden Ear Triton 1
Dynaudio Excite X44

Any other speakers I should be considering based on my equipment, volume preference and music? Anything I should eliminate?

Looking forward to hearing everyone's opinions & thank you in advance
One of the other gentleman gave you some great advice.

You are not that far a drive from NY area. In one fell swoop you can go to 

Audio Connection and hear Vandersteen, Proac,B&W.

Audio Doctor: you can hear: Legacy although big they are fantastic, PSB, Dali,Paradigm, KEF, ATC,   personally if you are looking for a small foot print dynamic speaker a pair of ATC plus a small sub and some power will amaze you, one of the best speakers ever made for rock and they play super loud. Most modern rock recordings were mastered on ATC. 

As per the new vs used argument, many dealers have good deals on demo models which may have a nick or two but come with full warranty and support and we have many models which would fall under that umbrella buying used is cheaper but most speakers don't have transferable warranties and if you blow up a driver you may eliminate your savings. 

Also with purchasing through a dealer you are almost always guaranteed support and advice on getting the best out of your new speakers.

Woodbridge sells the Golden Ears. I have heard them three times at shows and dealers, and got totally different demos one they were too bright the other too dull the bass is impressive and they do play loud. I do agree with you they are ugly unless you setup up to the new and much more expensive Reference version. 

So in one day you could hear almost every speaker you could want to audition.

If you are a rock guy Magneplaners are not the best, Spatial speakers are interesting I have heard them at shows and was not blown away same with ZUs both were way to colored both do play loud. 


" There's one of those right now on Agon for $4.9K and further room to negotiate. How would the bass compare between the Focus 380 and the Contour S3.4 LE? "

The 380 is rated deeper, at 30Hz, vs 35Hz for the 3.4LE.  But that doesn't mean much as to the quality of the bass.  The Contour is a higher line, and may have more bass articulation.  Perhaps others have direct experience.
You may want to consider products from Odyssey Audio.  Many audiophiles feel that their products represent one of the biggest (if not the biggest) bang-for-buck deals out there.

Klaus Bunge recently released a speaker that is astonishingly good and competes with speakers in far higher (and I mean FAR higher) price brackets.  It is called the Liquid.  Here's a link to it being discussed on Audio Circle:

His amps are amazing as well, and (as the speakers) represent one of the best values in high end audio.

BTW, I have zero affiliation with this company... but am blown away by the sound and value.

Audiotroy, I think this may be the second time someone said the Zu's are 'colored' and I don't know why that description was used. Zu's to me, are pretty neutral. Though I do agree with your description of the Golden Ear's- They are just not my 'cuppa'. 
And, if you do make the trip, just be sure to give the dealers a 'heads up' so they can make time to show you what you want to listen to.