Looking for a warm sounding amp or integrated with a torodial transformer

Looking for recommendations for a warm sounding integrated amplifier or power amplifier tube or solid state with a torodial transformer power supply. I have multiple chemical sensitivities and the materials used  in the rectangular transformers affect me, I'm fine with toroidal transformers. I've been looking at BAT, Modwright, and Pass Labs. Any other ideas? I have a Rogue audio sphinx but would like a bit more warmth.

Thanks in advance!


Anyone have any recommendations for a warm sounding amp with a torodial transformer? 

I had the 1st Sphinx and didn’t care for it. I had at the time a 20 year old Odyssey Stratos that had been through hell and was in a box and traveled all over the world with me. I pulled it out of the garage in a Michigan winter and duct taped one of the speaker leads on because the connector broke off. Immediately soooo much better!! Warmth dynamics articulation. I listed the Sphinx the next day. Sold very quickly. I was not impressed in my house with my speakers. 

Here are a few of the warmest sounding amps  that I’ve owned that use toroidal transformers. Each had their strength and weaknesses. After trying these as well as many others i’ve settled on Audia Flight. Great amps if you can find one.


Primare i30

Vincent SV 237

Wells Audio Majestic

SimAudio i3.3/I5/340i

Older NAD amps

Kinki Studio EX M1

Best of luck in your search.

My Pass integrated 60 sound warmer than my Black Ice tube integrated. Instead of a new amp, why not try some cardas cabling?