looking for a warm ss amp....

for my paradigm studio 40s. i hate a bright treblely sound! i currently use signal cables and a denon 3802 reciever. i have had many people tell me to go with bryston or anthem, but both have been out of my price range so far. which of these have a warmer sound? how would rotel or b&K amps sound with my speakers? they seem to cost much less. since i can only buy used, i really do not have the opportunity to audition the different amps. i will continue to use the denon as my pre-amp.
Dennisj is absolutely right. A very warm, rich sounding integrated is the Magnum Dynalabs MD 208 receiver, where you geta top notch tuner in the mix. Pricey new but likely very reasonable used - IF you can find anyone to part with one.
You are spreading your resources too thin. If sound effects are what you're after, you are on the right track. If, however, you want to pursue the best music reproduction you can afford, you should unload most or all of those pieces and focus on a two channel system. A couple grand on 2 speakers will take you much further than the same money spread over 5 or 6 or 7 channels. Likewise with the electronics. Denon multichannel receivers are really just car stereo for the home. You've been given a number of viable suggestions but the best came from Dennisj. A Plinius 8100 integrated and pair of Vandersteen twos could be had for around $1500 if you watch the ads on this site. Put them on either side of your video screen and prepare to experience something all of those things you currently own can't begin to offer.
And your wife will gladly accept this because of the 60% reduction in the number of pieces needed to make it happen.
Tuble pre might not be a good mate to low impedance Aleph amps, though they are super ss amps. my 2 cents!
I have a tubey-sounding amp...Monarchy Audio SM 70. Love it....best of both worlds Check out the reviews by audio mags on their site.

Small in size....built like a Krell....NO problems with it and I use it many hours daily ( no fatigue).

I would have to suggest McIntosh amps if you like warm tube sound and own Paradigm speakers. I had a Krell KSA100 and it is not warm compared to my delightful little MC7100. Paired with Paradigm Reference 100.2, my McIntosh has proven the perfect synergistic match. I bet it would be the same case with Studio 40s. Good luck! Arthur