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  • Hello fellow members. I’ve just put my system on here and would like to get some thoughts on a few things. How does the speaker placement look? I am considering ISO acoustic Gaia absorbers under the Kanta 3s. With this type of room do you think they would be worth it? I also bought a U-MIk-1 thinking it was a better mic than what came with the Marantz 8805 and was going to use it with the audyssey xt32 room correction. The box says best used with REW or Dirac. Would using REW be better than the audyssey xt32? Thanks for your advice. If you can’t see my system please advise on how to link it to this thread
Use the mic that came with the Marantz if you are using Marantz software.

Room EQ Wizard is a toolset, while the Audyssey XT32 is an automated room correction and speaker calibration system. The first requires you to already know what you are doing and what your goals are. The latter will do this all for you.

Based on your questions, I’d say please just use the automatic setup given to you in the Marantz documentation.

Yes, strongly recommend the IsoAcoustic footers.  If you are going to use a sub, consider blocking the Kanta's ports before running room calibration.


How do you like the sound right now? Just at a glance that looks like a ton of room treatments, possibly too much? Just throwing darts obviously I've not heard your system but you seem not 100% satisfied.
Hello Erik. Thank you for the advice. I will stick with the Marantz mic. Do you think I should consider footers for the 4 subs ? They do scoot around a bit 
@jond we did have a lot of reverberation that the panels took care of. Having no experience I was going off the room analysis provided by vicoustics. They recommended treating the mids and highs instead of the bass. I have been reading here that multiple subs helps eliminate bass modes. Is there a way to tell by listening if the room has too much treatment ? 
Looks nice. You have put a lot of work into it. Personally I hate fiddling with placement. But it really matters. Anyway nice system..At some point when you are looking to upgrade something, consider the streamer. I kept thinking they didn’t matter... I was very wrong. I jumped mine from $500, $2,500 and only stopped at the top of the line Aurender.
@ghdprentice thank you. I am hoping to be able to add a 2 channel front end eventually. Either separates or a good integrated with HT bypass. Streaming is all we do so a better DAC and streamer will be on the wish list too 
@jond for the most part we are happy with the sound but as with most of the members here I wonder how we can make it better. The Kantas are pretty revealing so we can tell a significant difference between a good and bad recording. It’s the white noise/static that shows up. I am wondering what steps to take to try to mitigate it as much as possible. 
ronboco OP

Is that wooden floor a suspended one or wood over cement slab.?
If suspended, you don’t want ANY of your speakers coupled to it at all, you should try to de-couple all speakers as best you can, as the floor will act as a huge sound board if not solid wood on cement slab.
I’d also move the front subs away from that center cabinet as it could act as a sound board as well.
But you’ll have to go through the calibration process again.

Cheers George
@georgehifi. It is a suspended floor and you can feel it moving pretty good. I was thinking I couldn’t get away with just the main speakers on footers.  Looks like some extra overtime is on order. Thanks for the subs tip as well. 
It is a suspended floor and you can feel it moving
Ok you need to decouple all the speakers from it, you’ll be amazed at the sound transformation you get.
Audio branded decouplers can get expensive.

Sorbothane diy discs one of the best vibration decoupling/absorbers there is, are a great de-coupler, you need get the hard graded ones for the heavy speakers, as they may squash out too much, I’ve wrapped them in cling warp to limit this.


Cheers George

Thank you everyone for your suggestions for the speakers. I will look at the options and am looking forward to hearing the improvement they will provide. 
I'm using SVS SoundPath Subwoofer Isolation System for my subwoofers and IsoAcoustics Stands for everything else.

Well worth looking into.