looking for advice on bookshelf speakers

I am a audiophile who suffers frequent headaches. I still try and listen to music daily . I am only able to listen for an hour at a time. My current speakers are Paradigm Studio Reference 40 v2's . The treble is the hardest part for my listening sessions. Can people tell me of a good monitor that has mild treble . Maybe laid back is a good term for what i am looking for.I will be buying used with a budget of say $1,000 to $1500. If you know of any, that would be a great help. Also maybe a certain integrated amp would have a more pleasing sound ? Thank you !
I would go an NAD or Cambridge audio amp with perhaps Wharfedale speakers. I personally love Dynaudio speakers, and though they have silk dome tweets, they can be a little treble happy. However, if you pair Dyn's with Cambridge Audio integrateds or the NAD's you should do much better. But Dyn's can be pricey, and Wharfedales are kicking butt lately.
For cabling I'd recommend Audioquest Diamondback or Cardas 300B. Both are transparent yet easy on the ears as are the source components mentioned above. If you go Wharfedale 10.1 speakers for about $350 that just got RAVE reviews, you could perhaps get the other components/cables as well. Just some thoughts. Take care/good luck...Brian.
I came down with meningitis following a spine fusion surgery six years ago and one of the after effects is a sensitivity to higher pitches and higher frequencies.

Speakers that have worked for me: Rega Aras (now RS1s), Ascend Acoustics Sierras 1, and Opera Plateas (the Opera Seconda is the closest current model). I currently have a pair of Totem Mites in a bedroom system which after a year I have mixed feelings about. I find that I can not listen to them for more than an hour. Energy RC10s and Wharfedale 9.2 worked for awhile, but not in the long run. B&W speakers, across the board, seem to annoy me.

I find tubes more pleasing than solid state, so the Prima Luna amps are the cornerstones of my system.


Wow. I feel sorry for you guys/gals. I hope hat you can find something that is pleasing to listen to.
For speakers, go with something from Harbeth or Spendor, paired with a tube integrated from Cayin or Jolida. Should be able to pull this off for $2,500.