Looking for Advice on Surround to Complete 5.1

Looking to replace my cheap, underwhelming surround speakers with something a little better. Not looking to spend a ton and would prefer something relatively small (think small bookshelf, not "Bose Cube small"). My main seating position is roughly 6 feet from each surround and the rest of my system is below.

Currently Have

  • Denon x1300w

  • LR: Elac F5

  • C: Elac C5s

  • Sub: Bic F12

  • Surrounds: to be replaced

  • The room has changed a little, but speaker and seating locations are the same. I’d be mounting these fairly low as I’ll soon be adding 2 atmos speakers in the ceiling (Thinking Polk MC60).


  • Micca MB42X: $119 CAD + wall mounts

  • Elac B4: $202 CAD + price for wall mounts: Perhaps a better tone match for the LCR?

  • Elac OW4.2: $304 - no wall mounting required: I like the low profile, wall-mountability and similarity to existing LCR, but am not sure the extra cost is worth it or if the wall mounting will limit placement options.

Given what I already have is it worth it to pay a little more for the B4’s or OW4.2’s or would I even notice the difference from something cheaper like the Miccas? Thanks for any advice you can give.

https://inro.in/lucky-patcher/ https://inro.in/9apps/ https://inro.in/vidmate/


Instead of the three conventional surround sound loudspeakers you're considering (Micca & Elac) which I'm sure are great choices, have you given any thought to and/or researched the advantage of going with "directional" 3 way surround sound speakers?  I switched from conventional Monitor Audio surround speakers to their angled baffle type "FX" Bronze surround sound speakers about one year ago.  This design does make more sense when it comes to surrounds as they they project the sound out in divergent pattern sending it three directions to fill the room instead of more one dimensional.  I highly recommend the affordable Monitor FX units for surrounds in small to medium size rooms.  Oustanding.