Looking for advise and recommendations on a nice record cleaner.


I have a McIntosh MT10 and a good size collection of records. 

I noticed some of my records not sounding like they use to. 

I was told that my records were dirty and to look into a good record cleaner. 

I am now here for recommendations and where to look to solve my issue. 


This one gets very good reviews and doesn’t break the bank, and using the cleaning fluid concentrate and mixing with distilled water makes it very cost effective to use as well, especially if you have a sizable record collection.  This seller includes the dust cover free that I think costs $35 separately, which is nice.


Two* answers so far, one against U/S (they do not vacuum dry), and one for.

I’ll clarify. Vacuum cleaning machines are generally cheaper, remove most of the muck, and do not cause much static on drying. They are noisier, by far. U/S machines probably clean a bit deeper (depending on U/S frequency and power used), but they blow dry and may increase static. They are often more expensive, but DIY machines adapted from devices intended for other purposes can be cheaper, though usually less powerful. Confusing, eh?

You don’t mention your budget, so I’ll try to cover the bases. A basic vacuum machine like a VPI will give you most of the benefits of cleaning, but will be noisy. You can get very close to U/S levels of clean with more expensive vacuum machines like a Monks or Loricraft.

If you choose to go ultrasonic, and want a better clean than from a vacuum machine, you’ll be looking at a Humminguru or Degritter (I’m assuming you don’t wish to plunge all the way to the very expensive machines like the KLAudio). You may have to deal with static if you have low humidity, and may need a Zerostat or Furutech Destat III for that purpose. Ultrasonic machines don’t last forever, and the transducers will burn out sooner or later.

My eventual choice (after a VPI, then a NittyGritty RCM), is to use a Loricraft, then a Degritter, then vacuum dry on the Loricraft, and use a Destat III. I’ve said before this has been the biggest upgrade. You can make your records sound better that way than by buying all sorts of new components. But I’m obsessional about clean records, and you may be more reasonable than me.

*I type too slowly!

... one against U/S (they do not vacuum dry) ...

The Klaudio machines offer ultrasonic cleaning and vacuum drying. They really work.

@cleeds You surprise me: the only U/S machine on their site (KD-CLN-LP200T LP Vinyl Record Ultrasonic Cleaner with Dryer) does not specify how it dries. I’d be very interested to read about how a machine looking like this performs vacuum drying:

Presumably there are vacuum wands on both sides of the record that apply themselves to the disc? Wonderful, if so.

Nor does it specify the U/S frequency used. Nonetheless, it may be a good choice if it fits the budget of the OP. And a contender to replace my combination of cleaners one day (after I win the lottery I never enter....)



the only U/S machine on their site ... does not specify how it dries. I’d be very interested to read about how a machine looking like this performs vacuum drying ...

It dries very well. Perfectly, in fact. It never leaves any residue. Check with your dealer or Klaudio if you need more specifics.