Looking for advise and recommendations on a nice record cleaner.


I have a McIntosh MT10 and a good size collection of records. 

I noticed some of my records not sounding like they use to. 

I was told that my records were dirty and to look into a good record cleaner. 

I am now here for recommendations and where to look to solve my issue. 


Back in the day, I had two small rectangular, metal tubs made for me by a friend. I’d fill it with warm tap water and a bit of rubbing alcohol and 3-4 drops of dish soap. I had some dowels and put a record on the dowel and insert it into the tub and spin it around for a few minutes.  Then I’d put the record, still on the dowel into the second tank that was filled with distilled water and spin it for a few minutes. Afterwards I’d put everything between a couple of books, give it a

spin or two and then let it air dry.

I have studied this big time. First the most important thing is you clean your records. I can hear the difference in Tergiclean, AI, Project, and a few others. With some processes out there they have no options for a rinse. Hopefully without tap water. I think you can do a great job with two spin doctors. One to clean and one to rinse. I will tell you with all of my research there is not one cleaning method or brand that is perfect. Typically because of cross contamination and over cleaning. Btw. The HuminGuru gets into this country without being UL certified is they classify it as a toy. I’m sure an object that holds water and plugs in does not need to be safe. Also, To truly remove the contaminants you would need a HEPA filter which would be clogged after the first record. This is why a separate rinse is so important. The only thing you want touching the record groove is the stylus. Every record needs at least one good cleaning. 

The KL uses blowers to dry the record ... this is just as bad, maybe worse than plain air drying in a rack. Any contaminants dissolved in the water remain on the record as water evaporates. This is the main reason I did not get one ...

It may sound bad on paper, but it works fantastic in practice. It is amazing how clean an LP is after coming out of one of these machines.

The set up is also awkward with a tank on the floor.

I have the self-contained cln-lp200 model. It offers one-button convenience that makes record cleaning as simple as pie.

@mijostyn Stated, "I am stuck following my own logic which I admit is based on assumptions." 

@hsounds stated, "I will tell you with all of my research there is not one cleaning method or brand that is perfect."

Using the PAVCR Manual Method, the creation of this method for cleaning Vinyl is  based on a very clear Text Book Direction. Assumptions on the methodology are not needed, just as assumptions are not needed when following any good recipe.

The Author of the PAVCR has supported many inquiries made and in doing so has proved to be a great tutor in conjunction with the written direction.

In relation to perfect cleaning methods, the PAVCR Manual Cleaning method, has superseded my other methods used and is one that will be very difficult to not use. The results have been thoroughly impressive.

I describe the cleaned LP using the Manual Method as having been purified. 

Sorry if some sage has already mentioned it…. but contaminants pre and post process are EASY to see under black light….. 

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