Looking for amp for totem wind?

I find a lack of power for my totem winds.The amp im now using is a bryston 4b st, which gives 250 watts at 8 omhs and 400 watts at 4 omhs.I find the top end a little arch but the bottom is good.I Listen to all kind of music,from jazz,rock,classic,etc. Im looking at the bryston 7b sst.I have read some reviews and the top end is suppose to be smoother.The room is aprox/ 17x25x18 feet high.Thanks for reading
If your budget permits, you might want to look into the higher end McCormack models-the DNA 225 or DNA 500. I've used the less powerful DNA 1 and DNA 125 with Totem Forests and found the pairing to be wonderfully smooth while also being authoritative. Best results were with a quality tube preamp in the system.
IMHO, power is not your problem. It would be useful to list the rest of your system.
If i could recomend something is the 501 from Mcintosh. My dealer has them set up on the winds and O MY GOD they sound beautiful and smooth. Like you i presently am using a Bryston 4b sst square to drive my winds but would much prefer to have the 501's if i had the money.