Looking for an all-in-one just-add-speakers streamer for my son to take to college

Cambridge Audio Evo 75 is probably the top of the range, but maybe a BlueSound Powernode is good enough? Maybe there is something cheaper that fits the bill?

My son is not (yet) an audiophile, so sufficient volume may be the most important, but interested in any thoughts folks have on this topic.


I second the commentary that a dorm room can be tricky from a left, abuse standpoint.  Also isn’t likely that the environment will allow for the type of listening that would turn your son into an Audiophile.

I’d go on an entirely different direction, find a good Bluetooth speaker or speakers that connect to his phone.  Another option would be the JBL Boombox, rugged, water proof, built to withstand the elements, portable but definitely has the power to light up a dorm room.  Around $ 450 but will likely be on sale this holiday season.  I have one that we use when on the deck, around the pool.  Everyone that hears it is surprised at the fullness, bass it pumps out, not saying it is audiophile in sound quality, far from it but likely has a sound almost all College kids would love.  

I’ll third the Vera Link class D amps you velcro to the back of a pair of passive speakers.  If you also buy a Wiim Mini, you’ve got a perfect first system for less than $300.  And if the speakers are pretty good, it can sound great!