Looking for An Excellent TT?

Hello out there:

First, I have nothing to do with, nor do I have any knowledge of the condition of a TT that is currently for sale here on A-gon.

That being said; while browsing today I noticed that there is a Thorens TD-520 for sale here on Agon. If anyone out there is looking for an excellent (if it is in good shape) suspended turn table, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

They are very rare, exceptionally well made, and beautiful to listen to. Untill the moving company completely destroyed mine, I had no desire to seriously look at any others. While slumming around shops in both LA and NYC, I never found a table that was equal or better, for less than $6K. In fact, if I had not already replaced mine (with a Teres 265) I would not be writing this, I would be contacting the current owner.

The one for sale has the Thorens arm, and mine was fitted with a SME 3012-R, so I cannot speak to the quality of the arm. However, if any one has questions regarding the TT in general I will be happy to reply to e-mail.

Again, I don't know squat about the seller or the condition of the TT, but I owned the same model for a number of years and it was exceptional.

Best regards,

its a beauty. there is a td226 too which is also rare. i purchased a nos jubilee, and it is incredible. the new thorens tables, and many of today's acrylic marvels still don't compare with the thorens' classics. the idea of a turntable which doesn't look like a kitchen appliance is still appealing.