Looking for an HDMI cable

I am looking for an HDMI cable to go between my Jay’s Audio CDT2 MK3 and my Audio Mirror Tubadour 3 DAC. A 1M cable with price up to $300. Thanks.


@agisthos  @soix At this time I am using a DH Labs AES/EBU cable.1M long. My thoughts are that if/when I reconfigure my system to allow a short length of I2S I may try both the DH Labs and Vivlink cables.  At that time I will get back regarding my findings. 

Just for craps n giggles I’d suggest trying this very cheap HDMI cable from Monoprice maybe just to try i2S on the cheap and to compare to the others whenever.  The reason I suggest this is twofold — while some people have found some benefit in using more expensive HDMI cables for i2S, others have found it makes a minimal difference and better to use the $$$ elsewhere.  Second, I use this same cable in a 0.5 foot length between my DDC and the i2S input on my DAC and still realized substantial sonic improvements.  While I do plan on trying the DH Labs cable at some point because I’m an audiophile and that’s how we roll, the results are so good now I’m really in no rush.  Hey, at under $7 there’s not much to lose, and it’s still very valuable as a frame of reference going if nothing else.  Just a thought FWIW.


@soix  Funny you should say that. Shortly after my last post I had similar thoughts. I often recommend Monoprice to my non audio hobby friends and thought I should try a less expensive cable to determine the benefits of I2S for myself prior to trying a more expensive one.  First I want to better position my system to best take advantage of I2S regarding the cable length. Once you mentioned the length issue I recalled reading about this with I2S. It wasn't until I upgraded my transport to having one with I2S this wasn't an issue.  As the Jay's Audio transport made such an improvement I am happy with the DH labs cable.  Thanks again.

Supra cables 2.1 HDMI cables are very good cables for almost nothing, I think $75 for a 1/2 meter cable. I lived with one for my I2S (Denafrips Iris to Denafrips Pontus II DAC), for about 6 months before upgrading.

I'm currently using an Audioquest Vodka 48 8K/10K which is a noticeable upgrade, but if buying do not buy on eBay or from a Chinese supplier, they're going to be fakes. You can occasionally find them on sale from US suppliers for under $400 new

@vthokie83 Thanks for the recommendations. The Supra cable is under consideration once I move towards I2S.