Looking for an integrated amp around 4000 to 5000.

I am currently looking to upgrade from a Rogue Pharaoh integrated. I have Ascendo C8 Rennasance speakers 88  DB. 6 ohm. PC to Wyred4sound DAC 2. Looking for some input on others experience. Considering Levinson 585 or Primaluna EVO 400. I need a line out for a sub. Prefer a balanced in but that is not a deal breaker. I welcome all recommendations.
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Used McIntosh MA5300; new McIntosh MHA150; Yamaha AS3000; used Cary SLI80 ( this would be my pick); used Accuphase E-270; new Yamaha AS1200; used Electrocompanient ECI 6 MK II; new Shindo Laboratory Apetite 6V6.