looking for an integrated amp in the $1500 range

I need to downsize and will be selling my Aragon 4004 MKII and AVA Fet Valve Hybrid SL Preamplifier with Silver Face Plate and MM Phono.

The rest of system is Burchardt s 400 m1’s, Marantz TT 15s1, Rega M3 MM phono amp, Gustard x16 DAC. Wiim pro streamer. Sounds great mid to high level volume. Lower volume not so much so I want that quality at lower volume if possible. I’m considering Schitt RAGNAROK basic model or Rogue Sphinx 3. Anyone have any thoughts or experience with these or other suggestions. Thanks in advance.



”Find a vintage Sansui, AU-9500... best integrated I've heard at the $1500 price point. ”

For speakers that aren’t real hard to drive I totally agree! Wonderful sounding unit and build like brick s..t house. 

Seems you get a lot for your money on used Musical Fidelity integrated. My A1008 I sold I could only get $1,200 for and it’s a 6k unit new. Bags of power and really great clean dynamic sound with a little warmth. 

Regarding the rogue Sphinx…. I haven’t heard the V.3 which very well could be a totally different animal, but had the V.1 for a very short time. Did not care for it at all. 

For a $1500 or under integrated you need a Willsenton R8. It gives you the option of either 4 EL34’s or 4 KT88’s. You can swap all different types of tubes and various 6SN7 tubes. Tube combinations will drive your system to sublime levels. You won’t miss the 4004. All for less than $1500. Available at Amazon or directly from the manufacturer for a bit less, and delivered in less than 10 days. But of course the return option via Amazon has its advantages if you don’t like it. But I believe it’s the perfect budget integrated with all the power anyone needs. See all of the videos on YouTube.

An idea if you want to go used. The Music Room will give you a 45 day return window on their gear and sometimes will pay return shipping if you aren't happy for any reason. I have seen some good deals on amps there and they get new stuff all the time. 

Pioneer A-27 integrated amp from 1978-80 recently serviced by a good technician will bow away anything else in the $1500 price range. First 30 watts pure class A, the rest class A/B up to 120W per channel. Finest example of the Golden Age amps and receivers, very rare though.