Looking for an integrated amp to replace my Cayin A-50T

I currently have a Cayin A-50T integrated amp, and I recently had one of the EL34s die (due to age--not the amp...). Given the current tube shortage, I had to pay an inflated price for a new quad of tubes, which has caused me to consider a solid state integrated as a back-up initially, and based on the performance, possibly replace the Cayin. My speakers are Reynaud Euterpe Jubile (89dB/4 ohm) and my source is an Oppo 205.


I have no complaints whatsoever with the Cayin--just looking for a back-up and possibly get away from tubes in the future. As such, I am looking for SS integrated that would lean towards the same sonic signature--in the $1000-$2000 range. Since the Oppo has a volume control, I may be open to a power amp--in which case I would be open to an older well regarded model that I could perhaps obtain for a good price...

Regarding the integrated options--I only need a couple of inputs, and do not require a phono stage. Digital inputs are not a requirement, but could prove useful. I have been out of this for a while, so I am just getting back up to speed. If I had to choose today, I would go with a Cambridge CXA-81. The Rogue Sphinx or a Rotel are other options. perhaps a one of the Parasounds or something else I am not aware of?


Thanks in advance for all input/suggestions!






This would do an amazing job driving your speakers. 


Hmmm, not sure you could beat your Cayin with a SS amp in your price range. I've been pleasantly surprised with the Naim XS 3, so  if the Nait 5i sounds close to the XS, it's worth your time. To my ears the XS3 sounds warmer than Luxman class A. I have no idea if this is the case with the Nait 5. Exposure 2510 is supposed to be on the warm, so perhaps that could be another. Art Dudley gave the previous generation Exposure  (2010) a glowing review. 

For under $2k you could get a pair of Schiit Aegir monoblocks (you have to run balanced cables from your Oppo.)

Tremendous value for the money. Class A most of the time, 80 wpc.  Very smooth yet revealing.

Just checked TS prices today and matched quads "in stock" were $270-$360+, so you got a deal.

I would just hang in until you are able to go out and audition SS amps.

I need to audition the new Heed, I mentioned, as the one I liked was a 10 year old model.

I have a couple of 15+ year old Sharp mini systems (class D amp section) that sound surprisingly good with my vintage wide range single drivers - when I run my TT/good CD deck through the aux inputs.

Not supposed to happen (from what I've read) pushing 16 ohm speakers, but weird things happen.

Didn't even realize they were Class D until a few months ago.