Looking for an old Stereophile review ...

There was a review in Stereophile 10-20 years ago about a slim tower speaker using pro audio drivers, very obscure company, presumably gone now. My recollection was the drivers were inexpensive, too, and the reviewer was very impressed overall. I think these were highly efficient, too. Anyone know which issue this was? Or the name of the speaker company and model?


In the J Gordon days there was no advertising. But then that was more than 20 years ago.


@larryro2 you are quite humorous.  Or are you series?  What is wrong with Stereophile's reviews?  Maybe you know something that we do not. 

Any luck finding the article greg7? You have me curious as to which speaker it was.

@coffee-jerk those models weren't very efficient, which goes against what the OP said.