looking for an "all in one" unit.

Is there a single box receiver(amp,pre,tuner), with a CD player built in? I believe NAD makes one but are there any other manus?
I've got a Linn Classik driving a pair of Linn Katans, and it sounds fantastic. I've also got an NAD L40 driving a pair of PSB Image 1B's (used to be in my office - now in my kids' room). For the price, that's a nice combo, and the newer NAD is probably a step up. Doesn't compare to the Linn though. The Linn is much more musical than the 200wpc Rotel separates it replaced. If you add another amp to go aktiv, or a subwoofer, it's even better.
The cool looking little integrated Jolida MC 30. Has preamp/single ended tube amp/cd/am/fm, and an iPod docking station It also has a pre out if you want to use a more powerful amp plus an rca aux input to add tape, external cd or other input. I use it with a pair of Radio Shack LX150's and it sounds really good. Got some good reviews and there are some upgrade mods and a few companies selling it already modded as new.
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Consider the Cambridge Audio One+. This is a compact "all-in-one" system which will not break the bank.

"One, a system which harnesses the convenience of your iPod with a fully-integrated micro hi-fi system. Punching well above its weight, a powerful amplifier, custom designed iPod dock, hi-fi quality CD player and a state-of-the-art DAB/FM radio"

Full information is available at the below link


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Shanling MC-30, MC-50 or MC-3000. All offer excellent sound for the dollar. Metal fabrication quality is excellent too. Looks and design are in some ways unusual, better for the top of a piece of furniture than on a lower shelf or behind a door.
cmalak - Yeah, for $6,000! Tell ya what, you buy it and ship it to me, I'll tell you how it sounds. ;-D