looking for an "all in one" unit.

Is there a single box receiver(amp,pre,tuner), with a CD player built in? I believe NAD makes one but are there any other manus?
but are there any other manus
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What's a manus?
What's a manus?

I believe the OP was abbreviating: manus = manufacturers. So he was asking if there are other manufacturers that produce "all-in-one" units other than NAD which he is aware of.
Naim uniti its a bit pricey but it sounded awesome when a heard it on some cheap paradigm standmounts. I think it ticks all the boxes and is ready to go for computer audio as well. Not sure about all the specs but I think you should check it out.
I ditto Tobias on Shanlings' MC 30 all in one unit above. I actually responded a little earlier in this thread but erroneously called it a Jolida instead of a Shanling. I have one, a Shanling MC 30, and it is an extraordinary unit for the $1000 list and the $~ $500 preowned here on audigon. It is about 1 watt per side SET but with the appropriate speakers you can have a little bit of SET heaven.