Looking For Best Headphones

Hello, I have seen all the threads here I am searching Best headphones I couldn't find yet Could someone can tell me which headphones are best For listening to Music.
You have opened up a real can  of worms as everyone will give you different suggestions , here goes for me I have Sennheiser HD 800 which to me are superb phones but it depends what you listen to. I listen to only classical but my phones are great for that being super clear and very dynamic. Now if I had plenty of money I would go for Abyss AB 1266 Phi.
They are simply stunning phones, super clear and articulate ,they are a phone for a lifetime but being an old geezer I can't afford them and also my wife would kill me !!
I have spoken about my favourite phones but you also have to think of headphone amplifiers to go with them, I have the Luxman p-750u amp which I will say is one of the best out there and will drive virtually anything. Good luck in your quest.
This question will bring you lots of subjective answers, so here is mine. There are no "Best" headphones for listening to music! I have listened to Stax headphones since the early 90’s. I currently have the 009’s. I love the electrostatic sound for its quick, clear transparent sound. It truly sounds like a window on the soundstage. I wanted a more intimate sound so I bought a pair of Audeze LCD-XC, and a McIntosh MHA 100 to drive them. The Audeze are incredibly comfortable (albeit heavy) and it would be hard not to like them. The sound is powerful and dynamic but I miss the transparency of the Stax phones, so I move between them.

Could I find a better sound if I spent more money? Maybe. You didn’t mention your budget, but I suspect it’s not unlimited. Jim’s comment above indicates that he loves his Sennheisers, and I’m sure they are great as well. My advice would be to settle on a budget and audition as many as you can. Find a pair that you like, and can live with long term. If you constantly chase different, more expensive headphones it will get expensive. When these lockdowns end, try to attend a Hi-Fi show. They all seem to feature a demonstration room for headphones. Believe me, you will find a pair that you like and an amplifier to drive them. I recommend a tube amp. Good luck in your search.
How much do you want to spend? Arguably, the best bargain reference headphones are the Sennheiser 600 and 650. You can find Senn 6XX on Massdrop for a good savings over the official ones, and they are identical.

The Sennheiser 6XX paired with an Audioquest Dragonly DAC/amp are a sweet combo for listening to Tidal via phone/tablet.

The price goes up from there, especially of you have to add an amp. In no special order (and they have different models)... more expensive ones could include:
Under $700 https://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/2020-editors-choice-headphones-under-700


I can’t find the headphone review site that used to be my reference... it was absorbed into Absolute Sound’s vortex :(