Looking For Best Headphones

Hello, I have seen all the threads here I am searching Best headphones I couldn't find yet Could someone can tell me which headphones are best For listening to Music.
Best place to learn about headphones is head-fi.com

I think the main thing to figure out is what headphones do not give you fatigue. Then how much to spend to on those non-fatiguing headphones. I hated my prior Senn 600 headphones because of fatigue with my Benchmark DAC3 HGC preamp/DAC.

I now have 2 headphone amps, a $3000 one and a $500 one. For headphone ONLY use the Topping A90 at $500 is highly recommended by me and is very close to the $3K Benchmark HPA4.. It is a neutral sounding amp. It goes great with my $3K Meze Empy, a warmish sounding headphone. I have not heard the $300 Meze 99 Classic but from what I have read on Head-Fi it supposed to be similar in sound to the Empy.

Your choice of amp will also figure in on the fatigue factor. I had a $2K headphone amp that gave me fatigue and it was replaced by the amazing Topping A90 for 1/4 the cost.
Best for what?  Budget?  Sound signtature?  Comfort?  Type of music?  Open back?  Closed back?  No wonder Thor is angry!  No easy answer.
What sound characteristics are most important to you?  What’s your budget?