Looking For Best Headphones

Hello, I have seen all the threads here I am searching Best headphones I couldn't find yet Could someone can tell me which headphones are best For listening to Music.
I am looking at the RAAL SR1a as a second headphone. It is supposed to be unlike any other headphone in that they are closer to sounding like speakers. This headphone cannot be driven by regular headphone amps. There are 2 specific headphone amps that can drive them, 1 by Schitt and the other by RAAL.

RAAL also provides a INTERFACE TO AMPLIFIER box that can be used  to hook up a 2 channel amp to use as the headphone amp. I got interested in this headphone because of this 2 channel amp support and also the fact that the SR1a was designed using the Benchmark AHB2. I own 2 of these amps and it could be an ideal match. The USA distributer (or owner) is local to me so I will try for a demo after COVID. Low priority though.

My dealer told me that the Hifiman Susvara and Meze Empy are the 2 he owns and have some similarities. I own the Meze and love it with the WyWire Platinum XLR (much better than stock). 
The answer is obvious. If you own a pair of head phones that you like the tell us how much the cost and of course are you using an expensive head phone amp with expensive upstream gear...come on people you know the drill...price, gear what the hell are you listening to 
They are the ones you want to listen to all night and not take them off your head. Yea them.
What ever phones and amp you choose remember that the cables from the wall to your phones and everything in between are extremely important. One bottle neck inferior cable can ruin a potentially awesome system. For me it was a good digital cable between transport and dac which was a necessary upgrade. Don’t scrimp on cables!! Try before you buy.