Looking For Best Headphones

Hello, I have seen all the threads here I am searching Best headphones I couldn't find yet Could someone can tell me which headphones are best For listening to Music.
What ever phones and amp you choose remember that the cables from the wall to your phones and everything in between are extremely important. One bottle neck inferior cable can ruin a potentially awesome system. For me it was a good digital cable between transport and dac which was a necessary upgrade. Don’t scrimp on cables!! Try before you buy.
The best is what sounds the best on your head and what is the most comfortable on your head while they play the kind of music you want to hear because if they are good for you, you will not want to take them off.
Which top 3 headphones have the best reviews. He is looking for the one considered best..focal utopia is right there 
All you people with cutting edge headphones.....I have a Grado GR10E in ear phones with a Sony Walkman music player....gives me more pleasure than my 75K or so system.