Looking For Best Headphones

Hello, I have seen all the threads here I am searching Best headphones I couldn't find yet Could someone can tell me which headphones are best For listening to Music.
The best is what sounds the best on your head and what is the most comfortable on your head while they play the kind of music you want to hear because if they are good for you, you will not want to take them off.
Which top 3 headphones have the best reviews. He is looking for the one considered best..focal utopia is right thereĀ 
All you people with cutting edge headphones.....I have a Grado GR10E in ear phones with a Sony Walkman music player....gives me more pleasure than my 75K or so system.
Maybe the OP can go to a store with a lot of headphones, or go to the CanJam event near you (if allowed under the current conditions) to try many headphone. Some will sound excellent, but be uncomfortable to wear. Some will sound decent and comfortable. Each one is so individual in requirements, that it's best to try and see if it works for you, and may not then work for someone else. I have five pairs of headphones gathered over 5 decades. None are still an ideal fit for both comfort and sound quality. Good luck.
The RAAL SR1a are the best headphones and one of the best speakers I have heard. In fact, after the RAAL SR1a I no longer enjoy my Meze Empy so put them up for sale yesterday. I used to love the Empy.

The RAAL is not cheap but I feel it is as good as a GREAT 2 channel system.