Looking for better Power Conditioner than my Tice

for many years I have used the Tice Power Block 3a Signature. Unfortunally I couldn´t compare with new products from Shunyata, PS Audio or others.
I want to know if anybody could compare it and if really recomend me to move to other product.
I´m really interest on the PS Audio Power Plant premier

I have used the PS Audio Premier. Put my Wadia 850 into another level.

Presently I am using a Transcendent Power Supply. It put my Shanling Audio CD-T100 into orbit.

My experience has been that the CDP benefits mostly from cleaner power.

I would recommend either the PS Audio or the Transcendent.
Thank you J for your opinion, but I want to know if anybody could compare new conditioners with the Tice. When I bought it, 13 years ago, it was one of the best line conditioner, and George Tice was one of the pioneer in AC treatment.
Of course I know the benefits of the line conditioners, specially with CD players.
Unfortunatly, the Tice is still the best out there, so why spend bucks on that when you could invest in some other improvement in your system