Looking for Blues with High Fidelity

I recently listened to Eric Clapton’s “Me and Mr. Johnson” and really appreciated the guitar playing and the quality of the recording.  What are some of your favorite Blues recordings?


I've never approached Blues listening with SQ in mind but you might look into Robben Ford and Ronnie Earl as artists whose recordings possibly offer better- than-average sonics. 

Try "Handful of Blues" by Ford and "Healing Time" by Earl, to start with.

No doubt there are more.

Hopefully, other, more knowledgeable forum members will offer suggestions. 






The Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs remaster of 'Hooker and Heat'. Featuring John Lee Hooker on vocals and Canned Heat on instrumentals. Blind Al Wilson plays some great guitar licks and blows the harmonica like his life depends on it. it's a three record album. And even if you're not a Canned Heat fan, this is a must have. I absolutely love this album.

Hans Theessink, Lifeline, is very well recorded and a great album as well. Very nice relaxed take on the blues. 

Muddy Waters, Folk Singer, has great sound too.

Analog Productions has some excellent blues recordings.Right now I'm rather obsessed with the Peter Green Splinter Group Artisan Recordings) especially the live album. They're very well done. Chris Smither - Another Way to Find You.BB King - Blues Summit, which is all duets is a fave.