Looking for budget reciever for second system.


I am looking for a budget reciever for a second system. My maximum budget is US$300.

I have Monitor Audio B1s on the way which I plan to use as fronts, and Mission M30is fo use as rears. I will figure out a center channel later.

the system will be mainly used for music. I was wondering if you have any recommendations. I am not in a situation where I can audition to anything other than cheap recievers that are six years old because of my location, so that is out of the question for now.

I am looking at the Teac AG-L800, The Onkyo TX-SR503, and Pioneer VS-X515 recievers new and am looking at a a few things that I have seen here on Audiogon; Sony AVD-S50es, Harman kardon AVR-135, Yamaha RX-V496.

Any suggestions on any of these or other choices are appreciated.

I am leaning to the Teac because of its size and the remote looks great, but if it doesnt sound the part, then its not worth it. Also the Sony is a great option because it has the dvd player built in, but once again, the sound needs to be decent.
wasnt there a two channel Outlaw reciever featured on the cover of Sterophile a couple months ago? If I recall it was cheap and got a great review.
Guys, you're talking about 2-channel receivers and the OP is talking about a HT receiver (mentions rears and a future center channel). Not to say that a 2-channel receiver won't sound a lot better than a comparably priced multi-channel unit, but, that wasn't the question.


Denon AVR486. $299. It can be used for 7.1 or 5.1 with 2 zone, multi source powering a second set of remote speakers. 75Wx7 Channels. It remembers the channel levels,surround mode, and other settings for each input, a very convenient feature. I use it in my bedroom system. It does not have an on screen display however.
Nerspellsner, Tell me about the sound of that Denon you own and what you are partnering with it. Just curious.

I was looking at it as well but was a bit skeptical, but if you own one tell me abour the sound.

At present I am also looking at a Denon 1802 here on the Gon. any comments on this one as well?