Looking for comments on Piega P2, P2 limited, P5

I am looking to upgrade my NHTs in a few month as I will be moving to an apartment w/ a dedicated sound room, and a friend has recommended the Piegas. Anyone had the opportunity to compare the Piega P2, P2 limited, and P5? More specifically, how does the regular P2 stack up against the Limited version? Also, given that the P2 limited and P5 are about the same price, any thoughts on how those two compare? What other speakers would you recommend to audition?

The new room will be 10'8"x15'x10'; I will be driving the speakers with an Adcom CD player and Accuphase integrated amp. My budget is sub-6K, preferably lower if possible. I listen to 60% jazz, 30% pop/rock, and 10% classical.

Thanks in advance for your help!
I hope you get a chance to listen to the Piega's. The Piega 10's are the most musically satisfying speakers I've had in my system. With their ribbon technology I doubt if you will find a better high end. The bass was also deeper and tighter than the Dunlavy V's.
Thanks for the excellent responses so far!

Actually, both the Arcus and Avatar are on my audition list; FWIW, I liked the Avatar better when I heard them at the dealer. I will add the Symbols to the list as you recommended.

To Glide3,
I will shoot you a private e-mail. Thanks!

BTW, does anyone know if there is a Piega dealer in the greater Chicago area? I think someone mentioned Holm Audio in Woodridge in one of the previous threads, but any additional info would be appreciated!
I own the p10's and bought them off a person who owned avalon eidolons before the p10's.. he rated the p10's way above the avalons, and they were half the price... i'm sure their are better speakers out there, but piegas are awesome for the money... as for the one's your auditioning, i have'nt heard them, but i believe jtinn, a member sells them, and i have found his opinions to be honest and detailed for a dealer, although i know some members will only take advice from non dealers... i get info wherever i can and sift it from there..can't wait to hear what you decide on and how you like them... good luck...
While I have not heard the smaller piegas I have owned a pair of p8ltd for the past year and they are spectaculary. I use a musical fidelity nuvista integrated and it works very well with them. The high end is unbelievable, fast transparent and the bottom end very tight. They have a very small footprint and are very wife acceptable. If you have any questions please drop me a note. I have worked with a great dealer in the past
A friend owns a pair of the P5's and they are great sounding in his room which is very comparable in size to yours - he has an Accuphase 210 integrated with a McIntosh 831 DVD/Cd player. Great soundstage and their height really makes the room fill with music whether seated or standing and walking around it. I just bought a pair of Gershman Acoustics Avant Garde RX 20's for a room 12 x 15 x 11 foot ceilings - retails for 4400 - got them for 2900. They go down to 24 hz and throw an unbelievable soundstage - check the reviews on audioreview.com