Looking for feedback on either the Musical Fidelity M3i of Simaudio Moon i3

Hi, I'm considering the purchase of either the Musical Fidelity M3i of Simaudio Moon i3 integrated amp for my 2-channel setup.  My room is not large, so either should offer plenty of power.  The rest of my system is; KEF LS50's, VPI Classic 3 turntable, and I stream thru a Heos Link. I mostly listen to Jazz and classic rock. 

If anyone has heard or owned either of these integrated amps, I would love to know impressions.Thanks in advance.
I own a M3si. Darn good with plenty of power. I have had it running Magnepan .7s and Martin Logan Electromotion ESLs. It really sounds bigger than it is with the MLs. But I also own LS50s and they really like power, if you could move up to the M5si, you will have something that will last a lifetime and work in any system. 
I have heard multiple Moon products- I have a Moon DAC. I encourage you to audition them. 
+1 on SimAudio Moon. I have the i3.3 DPX mated to KEF LS 50 Anniversary model.
+2 on Moon by Simaudio. I have owned several units and now have the 340ix, 280D and 260D in my system (main).  Great gear great company.
+3 for Moon. Had the i3.3 and upgraded to the i7. In many ways I prefer the sound of the i3.3. 
Thanks for all of the feedback. I initially went with the MF M2si. It was nice but not as good as I had anticipated.  Hawthorne Stereo let me exchange it,  so I am waiting for the Simaudio Moon i3. Looking forward to getting it set up in my system. 
Got the Simaudio Moon I3 hooked up.  From the first note, I liked it better that the MF.  Wow, what a great amp.  Powerful, nice tight base and details without any harshness.