Looking for feedback on moving from a 1200G to a Luxman PD151

Not sure why I want to move on...just curious about trying something new. The Luxman looks intriguing, has comparable specs to the 1200G and is in my price range.

Two things that get me with the Luxman is that there is not much third party info out there. Anybody have any experience with this table?

The other is it doesn't come with a dustcover and to order one it's going cost another $800, which I think is excessive. I'm told by Luxman they use a third party vendor but have found only one that can build it to their quality standards, hence the price. How exacting can a dust cover be? I know the purist are going to say not to use a dustcover but I like having one to protect my cart, etc., especially when my son and his 13 year old friends come up to use the music room for their occasional gaming, junk food filled, sleep overs. 

Anyhow, what are the thoughts of moving from my 1200G to this Luxman? Thanks. 


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A properly considered turntable is generally a simple device, not much to go wrong. 

Which belies the idea of spending on new.
For me to move on from a 1200G it would have to be something vintage like Luxman PD-444 with two arms as @chakster stated. I have this table along with Victor and Technics 1200GR. If you're just bored and think another table is going to sound better than your Technics, you're going to be disappointed. If you haven't already, invest in more carts as this might satisfy your craving.