Looking for Forte 1A 50w Class A replacement for Thiel 3.6s

After 40 years I may need to upgrade my  power amp lol.   It is a great high current 50 wpc class A , but soon it will be 45 years old.  I have not been keeping up on all the new high-end amps that can drive with high current the low impendence of the Thiel 3.6 that  will delver HQ presentation  Sure, 200 W  would be nice , but I listen low /medium levels, and don't need the demand of  5- 8 DB  more volume. 
Any 3.6 users out there with a highly musical recommendation in the 75-150 watt range, not too edgy suited for the Thiel 3.6?    PS I have the matching Forte  Model 2 pre-amp , all Nelson Pass builds  from mid 80s. 

Feel free to join us over on the Thiel Owners thread. Several fans of the 3.6 model for you to interact.
Happy Listening!
I would try a McCormack DNA amp.  They are also getting a bit old but I believe the guys can still service them.  They sound incredibly good and have plenty of power.
Obviously you've been happy for the past 40 years and I understand as I have owned Forte and Threshold Class A amps, so why not send the Forte 1A to Jon Soderberg at


Doing a rebuild on it will make it better than new and you'll be good for another 40 years. You could also have them rebuild the preamp.

What @tls49 said. If you like it, and it meets your needs, refresh it and enjoy for many years to come.